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e- ruby The New Discovery
The light from a single flashlight shining through e-ruby will produce enough electricity to power a city the size of Miami. The new element was discovered
while digging a well for irrigation to combat the drought that has griped the east .Only two pieces of e-ruby were found. Both were stolen from Bud's farm. Bud says he thinks the government is behind the theft.
Bud Knawwood
Bud Knawwood discovers e-ruby
beaver in New York
A Beaver in New York City?

Beaver Spotted in City Limits for First Time in 200 Years

This North American beaver was spotted Feb. 21, 2007,in the Bronx River,
 a once-filthy estuary that flows through New York City. It's the first confirmed sighting in the city since the early 1800s. (Wildlife Conservation Society)

Jurassic "Beaver" Found; Rewrites History of Mammals
Jurassic Beaver

Drought Parches the Eastern US